10 Habits That Create Success

1. Focus on Profit First
It's essential that you earn money in your business to stay afloat. While money isn't everything, focusing on performing money-making tasks before you do anything else, and taking your profit on a regular basis so that you have the incentive to make more money, is going to go far in creating the success you seek.
2. Make Self-Care a Priority
You can't work at a high level if you don't feel well. Eat right. Drink water. Exercise more.
3. Know Your Peak Performance Times and Tasks
Everyone has a different time of the day when they feel smarter, more energetic, and better able to get into the flow of any task they want to do. Know that time for you and schedule your entire day around that time, leaving your hardest tasks to do when you're best prepared.
4. Eliminate Distractions and Their Triggers
One of the things that get in the way of productivity is distractions. The best thing to do is to eliminate those distractions and any triggers that might make you think of doing that distraction.
5. Learn Proper Goal-Setting Techniques
The best goal-setting technique is the SMART one. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Plus, be sure to write down your goals and create a schedule of the tasks that you need to do to reach each goal.
6. Look at Failure as a Positive
The truth is that if you don't fail sometimes, you're not trying hard enough. Start looking at failure as a challenge to do better next time based on what you learned.
7. Check Email, Social Media, Texts and So Forth Less Often
This is a big time sucker that can turn into a complete lack of productive activity being done to reach a goal. For this reason, set up a schedule to do those things with a timer so that you don't waste time.
8. Seek Feedback Regularly
You need to know how you're doing, so it's important to ask your customers for feedback once they've had enough time to try your product or use your service. For example, "How can I improve my service to you?" That's a simple question, but it can lead to some powerful answers that will improve the customer experience for every one of your customers.
9. Look at Your Schedule before Saying Yes or No
Before you say yes or no to something new, always look at your schedule and realistically determine how you can add something else to your life. This also gives you more time to consider whether you even want to do it.
10. Become a Lifelong Learner
You can't ever know enough about your niche or industry because everything is always changing. Keep educating yourself about all aspects of your industry so that you're aware of potential killer apps or issues that may arise.
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